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Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve

Paris 7 University, France

Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve

Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve obtained her MD in Paris in 1984. After her residency in Neurology, she worked as a “chef de clinique” in neurology at  Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital for 2 years and then moved for 3 years to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda in the Molecular Biology research lab head by Pr RA Lazzarini. She is currently Professor of Medical Genetics University Paris7 Denis Diderot, Director of the National French Reference Genetics diagnostic lab for Neurovascular Disorders in Lariboisière hospital in Paris, and Director of INSERM U1161 Research lab on Genetics and pathophysiological mechanisms of Neuro-Vascular disorders.

Her main resarch interest in the past 25 years was focused on hereditary neurovascular disorders. She  characterized the clinical features of several hereditary neurovascular disorders, revealed their molecular basis and developed diagnostic tools for these conditions to improve clinical care and genetic counseling for patients and families. Specifically, her team identified the genes involved in CADASIL, a paradigm for cerebral small vessel disease, and in cerebral cavernous angiomas.  Her team generated also highly relevant mouse models for FCCM, which showed the essential role of endothelial CCM proteins in venous beds and are currently used for preclinical trials. Recently, she became involved in the deciphering of moyamoya angiopathy mechanisms.