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Université de Bordeaux

Zdenka Pausova

Last update Wednesday 10 February 2021

Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, and Toronto University, Canada

Zdenka Pausova

Dr. Pausova obtained her MD degree from Purkyn University (Czech Republic) in 1986. She then received research training in genetics at McGill University and the University of Montreal in Montreal, Canada (1990-1998).

Currently, Dr. Pausova is a Senior Scientist in the Hospital for Sick Children and Professor in the Departments of Physiology and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto, Canada. Her research focuses on causes and health consequences of adolescent and adult obesity. She co-directs the Saguenay Youth Study aimed at investigating cardiometabolic and brain health, and its genetic and epigenetic modifiers, in 1,000 Canadian adolescents and their parents. She has published 125 peer-reviewed papers and 3 book chapters. She received the Award for Excellence in Research from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and is an elected Fellow of the American Heart Association.

Main research projects:

› Obesity as a risk factor of cardiometabolic and brain health in adolescents and middle-aged adults
› Eating behavior, addiction and the adolescent brain

Research methodology:

› Cardiometabolic physiology
› Nutrition
› Lipidomics
› Epidemiology
› Population genetics and epigenetics